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Between the Lakes Group

BTLGllc is Between the Lakes Group Between the Lakes Group (BTLGllc) is a small e-publishing company located in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut.  We specialize in history, genealogy, and Americana.

We strive to continually improve the ways we offer history to you, and we also strive make other positive contributions to our communities.  Our main business website is located at  We hope that you will visit us there.  Right now, you're currently visiting our other website, the one that serves as our "sandbox" for new projects, and also highlights a few of our efforts to give back to our communities.

Finding things on our websites:

We have two main websites: 

Our "dot com" site -- where we keep the local history and genealogy material (including the free stuff).  If you're looking for our history, genealogy, and Americana publications, please CLICK HERE to go there now.  Here are shortcuts to some of the pages for specific states and subjects:  New York    Connecticut     Massachusetts    Yearbooks    Rhode Island   Kentucky    Maine    Americana    

Our "dot org" site -- where we keep everything else, including new projects and approaches we're currently testing for our main publishing business.  Right now, you're at our "dot org" site.

While you're here, take a look at our "sandbox" where we have pages on projects we're currently involved in, including genealogical projects.  Click HERE to go to the sandbox.

And, take a look at some of the other area activities in which we're either actively involved or very interested in.

Some of our current interests include:

If you're interested in our local history and genealogy material (including the free materials, the CD-ROMs and downloads we sell, and some carefully selected links), you'll need to go to our "dot com" site. 

CLICK HERE to visit our "dot com" site.  Want to go directly to our catalogClick here!

CLICK HERE to go to the main Sandbox page

Search our websites site using Google®:

WWW Between the Lakes Group's "dot org" site

About Between the Lakes Group:

Between the Lakes Group is a small publishing business located in the Litchfield Hills section in northwest Connecticut.   More specifically, we're in the hamlet of Taconic, in the Town of Salisbury.  We take our name from Between the Lakes Road, which runs between Lake Washining and Lake Washinee, the so-called Twin Lakes.

Our main business is recovering and publishing history (specializing in local and regional history), genealogy, and Americana. 

Our main business website -- where we keep the local history, genealogy, etc. -- our "dot com" website -- is at  If your interest is in one of these areas, please visit us at that location.  

Your patronage of our business permits us to offer the community services found here on this (our "dot org") website.  Your patronage pays the bills.

We hope you find what's offered here of value and that you come back and visit us again  -- and consider joining our mailing list!  (Just insert your e-mail address below -- you can unsubscribe at any time, and we will NOT deluge you with unwanted e-mail.  That's a promise!)


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Local history and genealogy --  (located on our "dot com" website) as well as links to our affiliates.  That's our publishing business, and your support of it lets us provide these pages for you. Abbreviations for organizations.  Ever seen a string of letters and not had a clue what organization they refer to?  Maybe we can help. 

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Some convenient links in our geographic area (Northwest Connecticut and neighboring areas of New York State and Massachusetts) Our Principal Partner's occasional blog (on Blogspot)  BTLGllc is Between the Lakes Group
Items dating back through our multi-decade affiliation with the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. The most comprehensive listing of houses of worship of all denominations in our area Contact us

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